The Truth Means Nothing

Not everything has to mean something. The nothingness you feel right now, it’s not high, it’s not low, it’s not excited, it’s not depressed. It is right. You don’t have to feel any way which way. You can feel nothing. 🌟 It’s easy to accept life when you are erratic. It’s easy to say that […]

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Evil is Not Your Nature

Your nature is what you came into this world as. Hate is a thing. It’s a quality of emotion. It is temporary. It does not hold weight. Evil does not win because it never had a chance. Even in the midst of evil doing, there is love present through and through. 🌟 This is because […]

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Don’t Condemn, Transform

Don’t condemn yourself. Accept yourself. You can never think of yourself as evil. You can never say that your thoughts are wrong, that you are not right and sound. Yes, you can change your thinking. You can choose to hold different opinions and beliefs, but you must never condemn. You must never destroy yourself. 🌟 […]

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You Make What You Defend Against

Your defense is against an opponent that you yourself created. Your opponent doesn’t have to exist. What’s troubling you doesn’t have to trouble you. 🌟 When you are angry about something that was said about you, you are angry because your ego is hurt. Your identity feels threatened. You feel like you need to prove […]

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Life is All or Nothing

If it’s all, could it ever be nothing? No, it could not. Words point us to this understanding but cannot express what it means. Words explain what cannot be written. There are many others symbols that give us the message that life is all. Just look around you. Nothing can ever tell you that life […]

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What to do When You’re Unsure

Don’t think about it more. Your thoughts take you in circles. They are just a torture for your mind. You feel something when you think, but it is an addiction to misery. It’s only a habit. You can break it. You must stop your thinking. Stop and realize that they cannot do you any good. […]

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