Stop Waiting For Your Future

You think things will be better in 10, 20, 100 days? They won’t. Not when you wait for them to be. Things only get better when you affirm that they are better right now. Better yet, things only get better when you realize that nothing is wrong. When you realize that better in the future […]

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Show Yourself

Show your true face. At every turn. From every angle. If you don’t you are dead. You are suffocating. Not being true kills you. Being true frees you. Being true shows that nothing can kill you. You will find that you eradicate your fear through your truth. You become more and more alive. 🌟 When […]

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Choose the Blessing

What is the sign, is it a warning or a blessing? Is that dark figure something to scare you, or something to make you aware? Is something out to get you? Or is something out to love you? 🌟 We have a choice in all situations. It could mean our impending death but even then […]

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Religion Needs No Time

All that we are trying to achieve happens right now. Heaven, bliss, love, happiness, it only happens now. It cannot come in the future or the past because those times can never be here, they are always off somewhere that never comes. 🌟 Life takes no practice. Why should it be that we must earn […]

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