I Have Asked and You Have Given

I was born into this world and asked for nothing. I didn’t need to. I was given the earth and the stars. I was blessed with a body and a mind. I make effort but the flow of my life has been effortless. I have worked hard but would not have if not for the path you laid before me.


I am surrounded by infinite possibility. I can see this because every move I make causes something to happen. I have learned to control my environment. I have practiced my methods so that the world responds more predictably. So that it gives me more of what I want in the most pleasing way. I have become more clear on my objective. I have replaced ambiguity with definiteness and now use fewer words to describe what I stand for.


It is easy to know how much must happen for a fulfilling life to take place. There is so much abundance, and so much we can grasp for ourselves. It is harrowing to think that I could not possess and achieve it all. Yet I also revel in the fact that infinite abundance is not only for me, but for all. Because there is so much possibility, I get to love my truest self. I get to do only the things that make me happiest. I get to dive deep into myself and figure out who I am and what makes me unique. I get to ask and answer the ultimate question. I am bestowed with faith that I am the prayer and the answer.


I was given all of this, and all of this, I requested. It would not be here if I did not. How could anything be here that I did not ask for? How could it be that I am not a perfect part of the universe that is myself? I was given all, and I know I do not ask for much when I say that all will come to me, that all is here for me. My conviction is too strong, my mind too definite. I asked, and I shall receive.

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