Take Advantage of Everything

Are you afraid you don’t deserve it? Why is that? Who said you’re not supposed to thrive? Who told you you can’t be the best you can imagine? The best is not material. It’s not a position. Its a state of being. And you can have it. You’ve had it. You’ve felt it. Recognize that which is the best of what you are and know that that is all there is.


There is nothing standing in the way of you and everything you want to be. There is nothing stopping you from feeling the ultimate feeling. You have all of the tools at your disposal. You have all of the things necessary. All of the people required. All of the character traits you need, to live this life as fully as possible.


You don’t have to wait to achieve it. You DO need to practice, but it happens only RIGHT NOW. And yes, I mean this moment. You can’t wait to achieve, you will die before you do. And even after death, you still will not be there. The religion that says heaven comes after death is wrong. There is nothing after death. No salvation. No comfort. No angels or heaven. There is only life. You are going to live where you are right now forever. It’s a waste of time to wait. The law of the universe is simple. It’s easy. How could creation be against you? How can life be against itself? You can only believe that salvation comes from the future if you believe that you are not a part of the universe. Otherwise why would you make yourself suffer? Why would you? It is a lie that life is hard. It’s a lie that it is possible for only the few to be in heaven on earth; that we are not surrounded by angels. 🌟

Belief is the only thing that separates you from heaven right now and believe me when I tell you that it is here. There is no where else for you. This may not be the end but it certainly is not the beginning and you would be a fool to believe that after billions of years you still aren’t good enough. If anything, we are more worthy now than ever.


You must see that this is it. Get used to it. Love it. Use everything you have to feel the abundance of life. Everything is here for you. Every comfort, challenge, peace, and love, are right here where they’ve always been. And they’re not going anywhere.

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