Don’t Believe Everything You Think

We know that the thoughts we concentrate on become reality. This is the reason why we get frustrated when we think thoughts we don’t like. We become afraid that they are our reality. But there is another side to thinking that actually makes it real. That is belief.


Everything we think is not to be real. Only the thoughts that we concentrate on and believe in are. As our mind becomes more meditative, random thoughts disrupt us less and less. Yet we must know that thoughts will bounce into our minds and we must know that that is ok. They are like clouds passing by. We must have strange thoughts so that we can pick out the ones we want. It is not a matter of shunning the bad, but blissfully ignoring, and concentrating on the good.


We can remember not to take our thoughts too seriously anytime they trouble us. Anytime we realize we are thinking something we do not want, we can remember that our thoughts aren’t ours unless we decide they are. With that in mind we can dismiss any ones we want to. We need not shame ourselves for negative thinking. We must only correct by realizing we are doing so, and then dropping that thought in place of something positive or completely opposite.


Thinking patterns are habits. Positive thinking is a habit. It has nothing to do with the kind of person you are. What you think about most often becomes ingrained into you. You self create what you think about. It is the very simple law of cause and effect. There is no one else out there pulling strings for you. There is only one mind in which all thought lies and can be believed as you wish.

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