Show Yourself

Show your true face. At every turn. From every angle. If you don’t you are dead. You are suffocating. Not being true kills you. Being true frees you. Being true shows that nothing can kill you. You will find that you eradicate your fear through your truth. You become more and more alive.


When you are free, you experience a synthesis of freedom in the entire universe. You need nothing but yourself. Your freedom belongs to everyone. There is no self conscious thought. There is only consciousness.


What is this truth that slowly permeates throughout our life? How is it that we can feel better and better and truer and truer while still being ourselves? How can it be that these same ideas we have thought over and over somehow mean more now than ever? Are we revealing ourself? Why the wait? What does time have to do with it?


It is like the seasons I suppose. They are all beautiful. Yet in some, flowers bloom, and in others life freezes still. Yet life shows all sides of itself always. It is not ashamed of anything. It expresses as naturally as possible. All of life expresses differently. So do you. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You have nothing to fear. You must be you. It is the only way others can be themselves. If you want peace in the world, bring peace to yourself. Show us who you are.

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