Life is For You, Not Against You

It cannot be that some things are for the good, and some for the bad. Yes, some hurt more than others, but there is ultimate truth in the expression that “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”.


You have no choice in the matter. All things are available to be for the good. If you choose that this is not so, it will not be until you choose it is so. It is a choice because no matter what happens, you can decide that it is for the good. You have that ability. There is no law saying that you must take some things as bad. That you must suffer from them for an eternity.


Good simply means life. Life is inherently good. This good has no comparison to bad. Rather, all existence is of good because we make it that way. And if good can be true of one thing, it is true of all things, because there is no separation.


You can either fight life, or flow with it. Again you have the choice, but the only reality is flow, simply because it is available, it is what brings us happiness, and time does not exist but in this moment. To flow means to accept what comes in life. It means to accept and positively affirm that you create the highest good out of it. It means that you recognize the signs of love that are present in all situations. They are always there and will show themselves without you asking. You don’t need to seek this goodness. It is already with you. Since it is always with you, life is always for you.

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