This is How it’s Supposed to Be

Bask in the light. Affirm it. Perpetuate it. Know that it is law. Know that good does not go away. Know that this is normal. That you being at your best is how it’s supposed to be. Say yes to how strong you are. How loving you are. How amazing your life is.


Don’t be afraid that it will leave. Don’t be scared that you will forget or it won’t be real tomorrow. There is no going back. There are no backward steps in love. This entire life is an unfolding. It is a discovery of self. It is a vortex that keeps moving through a space that is total love. It is a space that is all giving, all accepting, all helping. This universe conspires for your success. It was written before you were born that you would be perfect. For you as creator are perfection.


And what a blessing it is that you can know life. How powerful it is to know that through any physical loss, you will remain in loves light. What a blessing it is to witness the lives of others who have lost and continue ur to love. Not only continue, but thrive even stronger.


Anything good is how it’s supposed to be. That doesn’t mean that anything bad isn’t, but anything good certainly is. Good is not an emotional state, it is a being. It is a deep understanding of the law of the universe which is that you are here because you love yourself. It makes no sense for you to make yourself in hate. There is no reason to make your self only half good. The only reality is that you are all good. You are always in heaven. You are always perfect. Everything is here for you. That’s simply how it’s supposed to be.

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