Choose the Blessing

What is the sign, is it a warning or a blessing? Is that dark figure something to scare you, or something to make you aware? Is something out to get you? Or is something out to love you?


We have a choice in all situations. It could mean our impending death but even then we should not take our signs in fear. Death is not something to to fear. So any part of life is not to be feared. Death is not something separate or strange from us. Death is not outside of us. Death is us. It is a part of us. Just as breathing is, death is. Death does not mean the end. It means the beginning. It is the start of something new. How could something be the end of it all. How could time exist?


Can you feel now how we are pulling away from time? How we are beginning to feel the enormity of what has happened? How we can observe our life and see the infinity that we possess from countless generations of people, plants, and the stars?


We are the universe. There is nothing to fear but ourselves. If we knew ourselves, we would not be afraid. We are afraid of illusions. They are thoughts that are believed. But they are only thoughts. They come and go. You can think and then think a new thought, and then another and another and what is left? What has remained besides the thinking? That is us. Thoughts can make us afraid but there is nothing to fear. When we have the right thoughts of love we will remain unafraid. When we choose our blessings over curses we will be in eternal light. We don’t have to choose the curse ever. The curse is actually the blessing. Our light is inevitable. When we know that love is real we cannot run away from it. Hide it maybe, but even then, we must learn in the darkness to see the light. If there could ever be light, then light is all there is.

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