What to do When You’re Unsure

Don’t think about it more. Your thoughts take you in circles. They are just a torture for your mind. You feel something when you think, but it is an addiction to misery. It’s only a habit. You can break it. You must stop your thinking. Stop and realize that they cannot do you any good. […]

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And All is Well

I am the writing on the wall. Appearances mean nothing. What you see in them means everything. Objects don’t change, you do. Messages don’t change, you do. You hear the same things over and over again. You see the same things time after time. They tell you nothing different. You’re different. Your channel allows a […]

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Trust the Process

Make decisions and stick with them. If you are in doubt, simply ask yourself if you should do what you planned. Say, “Should I do this?” If you get an immediate “yes” then stick to your decision and act on it in peace. If you get no answer or a no, then you should consider […]

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Layers of Paint

Opinions aren’t so deep. Appearances aren’t so real. It’s amazing how quickly we can forget. How suddenly our thinking can change. Just with the smallest bit of information, we can see something completely differently than we did. 🌟 Mind is like a layer of paint. We change it and then get used to the new […]

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Trust Your Gut

You can trust your gut. There is a reason for it. It is there to guide you. Your feeling is there to tell you what to do. It won’t ever fail you. You may be too scared or too angry to listen to it sometimes, but you know that it will steer you in the […]

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