Religion Needs No Time

All that we are trying to achieve happens right now. Heaven, bliss, love, happiness, it only happens now. It cannot come in the future or the past because those times can never be here, they are always off somewhere that never comes.


Life takes no practice. Why should it be that we must earn a perfect life? Who created it anyway? Who is it that demands that you must suffer? Who says that you were not born good enough? Why should you have to wait? Who says you cannot connect right now?


Only someone who wishes to control you will tell you that you cannot attain right now. They will tell you that you must renounce life. That you must pray and beg to god for a miracle that you may earn the right to live happily. That you must rely on religion to get you there. That you must not trust yourself because you are a sinner and you know not what you do.


That kind of religion is wrong. It is not religion at all. Jesus said, “Take my yoke, my path is easy, my burden is light.” Jesus said his burden was light! One of the most religious persons the world has known said that he does not feel a pressure from a god. He does not feel a heaviness of responsibility. He invites us to feel it for ourselves. He invites us to feel the love that is true and will make us realize that we are in fact saviors for ourselves. He shows us that we put the yoke around our own necks and it is us who can take them off. He only wore his to show that he could be rid of it.


The key to some kind of enlightenment is to know that you already have it. You already are what you seek. The only thing that must change is the way you view yourself. But you are already all. You need only to talk to yourself differently. To see yourself differently. To know that everything you say and everything you see is you. You’re not just projecting thought into some world. You are thought and you are the world! You talk to yourself! You see yourself! Practice knowing that in this moment right now you can achieve. Know that you already have and you are in it right now. Practice and the feeling will stay longer and longer for you. You are already here.

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