There is Nothing For You That You Do Not Perceive

We say we can’t do something. So then it is true, we can’t. We say we would like something to happen. So then we have said, it has not happened. But there is no time in manifestation. There is no need to fear that what you want is not already here for you. All you must do is fully believe that what you wish is reality. You must say and act as if it were here right now. You must practice the feeling. You must practice so that any doubt you encounter is erased and it will manifest for you.


It is hard for a person who makes $10 an hour to become fully aligned to making $1000 an hour. We must concentrate on what we can fully accept and make real. We can take steps.


The infinite mind is the actor, and you are the announcer. You tell Mind what is to be done, and so it is. You must meditate and act, and think, and work so that Mind creates what you request. But you are not the one to make it. You are to give the instructions. You are to think so that you can accept your role as creator and believe what it is that you want manifested.


It is work to do this. Mind is only cause and effect. Thoughts against your instructions neutralize them. You must be careful that you don’t stop to think if your instructions are working. Always give your directions as though they are completed.


The science of self mastery is the science of being equal to everything that confronts you. You must equal your manifestations. You are not separate from them. If they are to be true, you must know that they already are.


When you want a thing, announce that it is. Mind takes care of the rest. What needs to come will come. You will do the work that is needed. When you believe in what you are saying it is inevitable. The universe is law. It is unbreakable, immutable law. Speak and think what you want, know it is true, and it will be done unto you.

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