The First Principle of Life is Meditation

Meditation is infinite potential. It is being. Not becoming. Not trying. Simply being. It is the first principle because it is what we return to. It is the unmanifested. It is what we truly are.


We are not what we tell ourselves. What we tell ourselves changes. Our stories change. Our perceptions change. Meditation always was and always is. We are meditation because we are not limited by a thought or a story. We are where the thought comes from. We are what gives the story meaning.


Being as meditation is important because as we remember that we are it, we live in peace. When we remember that we are the source, that we have the power, that we created this life, and this life loves us as we love ourselves, we may take control and surrender to the goodness that reality is.


Meditation is not simply clearing your mind, it is the understanding that there is only one mind. That there are no others to fight with. There is nothing to judge and hate and love but yourself. There is no competition. You are as you created yourself. Being yourself is being in meditation as being in meditation brings to you all that should be brought. Ask and you shall receive because you act in the full faith of infinite abundance. Abundance that you ask for yet is brought to you without a request. Live in the first principle of life realize that there is no second.

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