There is Nothing For You That You Do Not Perceive

You know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. What you perceive is all there is. There is nothing else happening anywhere else. All you must focus on is what is with you right now. You must know that you are the center of this universe. That all you can control is all that matters.


And how could it not? How could it be that things that are outside of you are ones you must control? How could information exist besides what you know? If you don’t know it, then where is it? Yet since you can know it, it must be so that you have already known it. It must be that you know all. And it must be that all that is known right now is known to you.


This life is a journey but you are no stranger to its mission. You are at the center of everything. Life manifests through you. And not just you and everyone else, but only you. It must be you or else what else is there? Is it not your mind that controls the way everything is seen? It is not your mind that determines how all is felt. Where is someone else? Where is their mind? How is it that their mind affects you? It doesn’t. It can’t. You are mind. You tell the mind what this universe is to manifest. Why would it be any other way? Are you not worthy? Are you not deserving? Is there some sin you were born with? Were you damned from the beginning? Can you not accept perfection? Why must you accept fear? What told you to do so? Why are you listening? Is it because of death? Is it death that makes you fear love? Is it death that says you are not entitled to perfect life?


Death is not real. There is only life. There is only love. You are meant for all of this. There is no other that deserves it more. You are alone. And in your aloneness you love yourself. Why love another? Why pretend that you are separate? Science has proven otherwise. We know that matter connects all of us. We are no more separate than the ocean to the air above.


You must feel good about where you are. You must feel special about it. There is no where else. What you see right now is it. What you feel right now is it. There is no other place in existence but right here and now. There is no place better. You are the only place.

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