The Truth Means Nothing

Not everything has to mean something. The nothingness you feel right now, it’s not high, it’s not low, it’s not excited, it’s not depressed. It is right. You don’t have to feel any way which way. You can feel nothing.


It’s easy to accept life when you are erratic. It’s easy to say that you feel alive when you are in a high state of emotion.


But most of life is mundane. And mundane is the most beautiful. Acceptance of normal is the most satisfying. It is the hardest to do because many times we have thought that doing and feeling is the most important. We have thought that if we don’t stop doing, if we don’t stop moving, stop fighting, stop loving, we are wasting ourselves.


But life shows that most times we are in an uneventful state. Most times it seems that we are just passing time. We may have felt guilty that what we are doing is not worthy enough or a waste of time. But if we are to feel bliss we must realize that all of our life is perfect. That all activities we partake in are the right ones. That the great lesson of life is to be found in every situation we encounter. No matter where we are or what we are doing, we can achieve the highest good for ourselves if we so choose. And even if we don’t, we still would be achieving it because it is our most basic nature to be in love always.


The greatest life is not made in sensationalism, but presence in the mundane. Presence means love. Love means you see yourself everywhere, and no part of you could you love more than another. Not for charity but for knowing that all means all. Love is not incomplete, it is not sometimes, it is all. Every part means everything. Everything is what you have. Peace is with you always.

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