You Make What You Defend Against

Your defense is against an opponent that you yourself created. Your opponent doesn’t have to exist. What’s troubling you doesn’t have to trouble you.


When you are angry about something that was said about you, you are angry because your ego is hurt. Your identity feels threatened. You feel like you need to prove that what was said is wrong. Or you must attack the other person back in order to lower their ego as punishment to them. But why do we do this? Who is keeping score? Why do we feel that what someone says to us is real? Don’t we know ourselves better than anyone else?


Anything that anyone could say about you is a lie. This is because words can only tell stories. Stories are never true. They can never show the full extent of meaning. Things people say to you that you like make you feel happy and boost your ego. Things people say that make you feel bad crush it. In both circumstances, it is the ego that is being fueled. Good feels good but it is the same as bad feeling bad. Accept both as impersonal. Feel and express your emotions but know that they are only ideas that can be changed.


We are not the ego, we are where it comes from. We are what is unaffected by all stories. If we are not careful, we get stuck into thinking that we are the ego and we never get off its emotional ride. Instead we must realize that we know our eternal truth. Everything from the outside cannot affect your inner true self because you also created the outside. You interpret the world as you want. If you want to practice taking insult and injury impersonally and be unaffected by it, you can, and you will succeed at it. If you want to practice ego battles made from words and false ideas you can do that too, and you will also succeed at that.


We are not here to prove ourselves. We are not here to be thrown by the whims and whistles of the weak and attacking. We need not defend our truth from lies. We must be impersonal and see things for how they really are. When someone says something mean and untrue to you, you can be un deterred by it. What they are saying is for the ego only. They don’t even believe it themselves. Only you must believe yourself.

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