Evil is Not Your Nature

Your nature is what you came into this world as. Hate is a thing. It’s a quality of emotion. It is temporary. It does not hold weight. Evil does not win because it never had a chance. Even in the midst of evil doing, there is love present through and through.


This is because hate is not up to anyone but yourself. Things happen around you in this world that you cannot control. Yet no happening has any effect on you. You have an effect on it. You decide in your own mind the way you feel about what has happened. You may choose to bring hate into your situation, but what is hate anyway? Is it a state of mind? An action? An interpretation?


Hate is fear. It is a non understanding. A willingness not to understand. And even then we are afraid to be willing to understand because we know that our hate is a facade. It is a thin veil in front of reality. If we understood we would not hate. If we understood love we would not hate and therefore hate is not real. Love is inherent. So it is real. Hate can be transformed, so it is not real. Love cannot be transformed into anything. It is the source of all. It is what you are right now. No matter what feeling or situation you are in. You may always be in the light.


Evil is weak. It does not hold weight. It is no equivalent to anything. Simply an idea that takes infinite forms of fear. There is no good vs. evil, only love and an ever increasing understanding of how it is all.

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