Don’t Condemn, Transform

Don’t condemn yourself. Accept yourself. You can never think of yourself as evil. You can never say that your thoughts are wrong, that you are not right and sound. Yes, you can change your thinking. You can choose to hold different opinions and beliefs, but you must never condemn. You must never destroy yourself.


Condemning thought and action leads us to what we wish. If we wish to condemn, then so be it, it will be true. But we do not have to. We can instead know that we are god and in the image of perfectness so that everything we say and do is not wrong or right, but opportunity. It is opportunity to accept the love of this existence.


There is no excuse in accepting or denying the love of the universe. Love is very clear. Yes, making mistakes is part of life. It is the part that is most important so that we may correct them and feel fulfilled. But there is no excuse in choosing hate. We know what we do. We know what it takes to feel love. If we do not choose it, that is fine. The same thing happens no matter what you choose; you will get what you ask for.


But hate does not exist. The only existence is the one that is eternal. Hate comes and goes but love is forever and always. You are love. There is no need to condemn. Instead take your fear and transform it to love by knowing that you are perfect. That you can choose love at anytime you want. That no matter when that is, you will be accepted, not condemned.

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