The True Nature is Your Eternal Nature

Are you afraid of what you are? Of what you’ve become? That you aren’t as good of a person as you want to be?


What is the part of yourself that you don’t like? Your attitude? Your body?


You aren’t any of those things you see yourself as. You aren’t any of your worries. Your moods come and go do they not? What is it about you that you return to when you are done being angry? That is who you really are. You are not your temper. It does not define you. It does not because it is temporary. What is temporary cannot be truth, because there is only one truth. Anger comes and goes. Life events happen. Your body changes. What you really are is what is eternal about you. What is something that is constant about you? It is peace. It is being.


It is important to see that what you are is your eternal nature because then you wont let temporary things restrict you from life. You will see that they can and will change. By seeing that they will change you free yourself from definitions. You break away from labels that limit you. You allow yourself to return to your true peaceful nature. You enable the smooth joy to permeate your consciousness.


You are not all of the things that you describe yourself as. Yes they help to define your person. They are important characteristics help you navigate life. But life is temporary. You are not.

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