What to do When You’re Unsure

Don’t think about it more. Your thoughts take you in circles. They are just a torture for your mind. You feel something when you think, but it is an addiction to misery. It’s only a habit. You can break it. You must stop your thinking. Stop and realize that they cannot do you any good.


Time will bring you to peace, it’s up to you how much time it will take. You can be there now. As time goes on it will be easier and easier to get there faster. Or maybe one day you will realize. The truth is that we know we can change our thinking and feel differently. Sometimes this means to change your perspective on how you are seeing the situation. Sometimes this is accepting where you are and how you are feeling. Even if we can’t change our mood, knowing that we have the capacity to do so brings us closer to doing it.


Life is uncertainty. But we are not alone. We can think all we want, but can only hold one thought at a time. We need to be open to receiving life as it comes. Being stuck in negative thought only closes us to the positive opportunity around us. If you’re unsure what to do, stop trying to do and thinking about it. Move on and let the answer come to you.

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