And All is Well

I am the writing on the wall. Appearances mean nothing. What you see in them means everything. Objects don’t change, you do. Messages don’t change, you do. You hear the same things over and over again. You see the same things time after time. They tell you nothing different. You’re different. Your channel allows a different meaning. Your mind allows it to be something more real than it was. The meaning does not simply change, its entire quality does. It is not just one or two qualities that change, the entire universe changes. The way you communicate with it does. You are less and more than you used to be. You are more of everything yet you are everything. Reason does not matter so much as certainty. There is certainty in it now. There is a welcoming acceptance. As sure as the light that surrounds us. As sure as the love that enfolds us. The power that protects us. The presence that watches over us. Wherever we are, god is. And all is well. Amen.

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