Trust the Process

Make decisions and stick with them. If you are in doubt, simply ask yourself if you should do what you planned. Say, “Should I do this?” If you get an immediate “yes” then stick to your decision and act on it in peace. If you get no answer or a no, then you should consider the alternative to the choice you are making. Trust yourself and what you tell you and you will find you aren’t ever wrong.


Typically we don’t need help deciding, we just need confirmation that what we have already decided is right. We know what we want. It is only hard to trust that what we want will be best for getting us where we need to go. When we have big dreams and ambitions, there is a lot at stake. Time is very important. Every decision every day can make or break us because decisions become habits and habits are the true motions that get us where we need to go.


Plans look different for everyone. The journey is always unknown. Things just happen. You can’t control what those things are, but you can be prepared to embrace them as good. What comes does not matter, how you react to it does. The process is the same as trust. You need trust in the process and a process to trust in a future. The most important thing is to keep with your plan even when it’s hard. Especially when it’s hard. This is the only way to ensure your future and peace of mind. You must stick to the plan. You must trust the process.

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