Layers of Paint

Opinions aren’t so deep. Appearances aren’t so real. It’s amazing how quickly we can forget. How suddenly our thinking can change. Just with the smallest bit of information, we can see something completely differently than we did.


Mind is like a layer of paint. We change it and then get used to the new layer that replaced the old. We paint on new ideas that serve us better. We surround ourselves with a fresh environment that better reflects what we feel inside.


In our mind we realize how shallow appearances are. We see how they have very little depth. The different colors and differences of opinion do not actually make us very different. We see that who we really are is what is underneath the layers. We are what gets painted on. That layer has no appearance. In and of itself, it is the same base we all share. It absorbs all colors and accepts all ideas.


We are only a conversation away, only a shared dinner away, only a a single opportunity away. There is capacity for all of us to embrace all of each other. There is nothing holding us back but ideas. All ideas that separate us are false. They exist, but they are false. They are false because they can be changed. Because they are not fixed. No idea is. We can come together by holding our ideas yet keeping an open, loving mind. A mind that knows what we see is merely a layer of paint, and we can cover it all up as we please.

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