You’re Wrong and So Are You

Why should someone agree with you? How could it be that your life and what you know is the final word of what is right and wrong? Why should you feel so mad when someone says something you don’t agree with? How is it that you can call them stupid, uneducated, not worthy? It is […]

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We All Make Stuff Up

Your words are only truth so much as the fact that you said something. That you said something, is truth. What you said is not. The fact that you walk is truth. Where you went and what you did is not. Our communication is a story. It is not truth. It is not reality. The […]

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My Mind Holds Only What I Think

You cannot hold two thoughts at once. What happens when you replace one thought with another? Is the one you left behind still there? What is a thought anyway? A word? A sentence? A visualization? What if you only held a single thought always? What would that be like? You do only have a single […]

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Fight and Get Over it

We live to share our ideas. We live because we are different. If we were the same, there would be no reason for us and the variety of the universe. There could be no universe at all. It is only because we are different that we are powerful. We each experience life so that when […]

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Not the Pie, but the Baker

You fight for pie when you are the one who makes it. Not only do you make pie, but you bake bread as well. It’s easy to get lost in the pie. Most times, we only focus on what is right in front of us. Everything that is happening is condensed into a short period […]

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I Only Want to Be Myself

Anything else is too hard. It’s too hard trying to be like someone. It’s hard to be happy when you are mad. It’s hard to be mad when you’re happy. A cure to this hardship is to know that time changes all things. How you are feeling now will change. It’s only a matter of […]

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You Are With Those Who Matter

You can only experience so much in this life. There are only so many people you will experience it with. Even if you reach thousands, millions, there are only a few that you will care to be with and love forever. There are only a few you are capable of being with and loving forever. […]

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