Word is Law

Words mean everything and nothing. They are vehicles for meaning. At one moment, they have the power to influence a generation, in another, they are nothing more than a fit of aimless anger.

Words allow us to convey meaning like never before. We leap and bound in progress because of them. They also bring mass confusion. Mass lies. They tell stories that aren’t true.

It is most important to know that there is only one law. It is that of your mind and what you make it up to be. When they mean something, they mean something. When they don’t, they don’t. It’s not hard to figure out which is which, truth from a lie. Our task is to be observant. To be behind our words and the thoughts that bring them. To know that we tell mind what to do, that we put intention and direction and law into the universe. When we are in this understanding, word is law. In whatever other understanding we’re in, that is law as well.

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