Perfect Passivity

What it is is a knowing that it is done. It is an understanding that the life you know you are supposed to have is already here and is taken care of. It is to be comfortable in all places at all times. It is to take negativity with stride and hardships with optimism.

Perfect passivity is the right action at the right time, and knowing that all your action is right. Even the action you wish would have been different, it has allowed you to learn, so that action too was perfect.

It is to feel always that the world is telling you something. It is to look for the signs and use them as they should be used. It is to fully accept that this world is talking to you. It is helping and guiding you.

It is to understand that your life is the only life. It is the life it is supposed to be. It is not supposed to be the same as others lives. It is supposed to be completely different. You are supposed to take a different amount of time. You are supposed to do different things. You are supposed to revel in the mundane and appreciate every moment. You are to follow your gut. You are to listen to what it says.

You are to possess a deep peace. A peace so deep that it is everything that you are. You are the peace. You are the knowing that this life is for you and you are taken care of. You are to experience and know your self. Nothing is to get in your way because there is nothing to do so. You are here to know yourself and know that you are known.

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