The World is for You

There is no in between when it comes to life. Life is always helping you. It logically makes sense. When something hurts or goes unexpectedly, you learn from it. Learning is necessary for us. If life only went in a way that was “perfect” there would be no life at all. Any life you can think of without struggle is indeed a struggle in and of itself. Our lives depend on learning. Our lives are learning.

Your decision that life is sometimes against you makes no difference to the fact that life is always for you. Even in your denial, especially in your denial, you learn the truth. You see how you can survive anything. How any emotional pain and scar has made you who you are. You see how you can take any part of your past and give any meaning to it. You see how you create your life exactly because it is you who interprets it. It matters not your method of interpretation, only awareness that you do in fact create your present reality by determining how you see your past.

If the world is for you then it was always for you. If it is for you right now then it was always was. If in this moment right now you can see that your past is for you, then it always was because as soon as you make up your mind about something and believe it, it is the truth. It matters not how long you believed it to be a lie. It was always true because your interpretation of the past is happening right now. Your thoughts of the past aren’t the past at all, but they are right now. They are affecting you right now.

Know that you are not bound by time. If the world can be for you at any time, it was and always will be for you. If you ever believe that the world is against you, it is not true. Simply because you want it to be for you, it is. So it can never be not. Acceptance of this is what it takes to believe it. It doesn’t mean that it always feels good. Feeling has nothing to do with it. It is your decision that does, and you have already decided.

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