It’s Not Real Until You Give it Away

You only get by giving. Having something does not mean much. Having knowledge, ideas, resources, don’t do anyone any good, including yourself, until you give them away. Everything that you possess is meaningless without someone else to share it with.

We must remember that our true purpose is to work with each other. It is to connect yourself with the world. It is to find ways in which you can be best able to create more abundance. No matter what kind of person you are, you depend on others. You depend on their thoughts, feelings, or actions. It matters not if your intentions are hateful or loving, nothing that you are means anything without the world around you.

Giving away is how we create. We give of ourselves to our art, to our family, to our bodies. We must expend energy. We must gather and take in so that we can expel and give out. Reality is not being, it is giving. We cannot be if we do not give. Love is giving. It’s not holding, it’s not suppressing, it’s extending.

With others, give of yourself. Reach out to them freely. Not out of obligation or duty, but naturally, as you would want to be reached out to. Acknowledge the world as a safe place and you will give correctly. Acknowledge your brothers and sisters as equals and you will give correctly. All that you wish this world to be, give it away.

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