Total Acceptance

Acceptance means total acceptance. Total acceptance of self is the only kind. Accepting others is not something you do. It is a byproduct of total self love.

To accept yourself means to know the worst in you. It means to know that you are capable of all the horrors you can think of. It means to know that you are human. That you are only human. That your divinity involves the suffering and despair of all life. That the greatest joys possible are available to you. That despite all of the lowest lows and highest highs, you are forever unchanged.

Acceptance is a state of being. It’s not something you do from time to time. It’s something you bring with you always. It is an understanding that everything you encounter in life can be accepted as it is. Every person is holy. Not because of what they do, but because they are in your presence. Since you are holy, so are they. Holiness has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the fact that you are everything that is around you. You are only that. You aren’t you, you are everything around you. And you must treat yourself the way you want to be treated. With full understanding. With full acceptance.

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