The Truth is Only True

No part of truth can be false. If god is all there is, if love is all there is, then that is the truth. There can be nothing else. You must feel deeply that this is true. You cannot see a world of hate. It does not exist. You cannot see yourself as worthless, you are all that is worthy.

The truth is all there is and ever will be. Everything that is here is an expression of it. Every word and act and thought. All of it belongs to you. All of it is a part of you. You are not alone here. You do not get to determine what is real. Could you really be so selfish as to deny the world what is rightfully theirs? You may think you can, but you cannot.

All you can do is love. You know not what you do. You may believe that hate is present here, but it is not. You may believe that anger and angst and pain are real, but they are not. You may believe that death is the end, but it cannot be.

There is the same in all of us. You are the sameness in all of us. It is you that reveals this world of love. It is always here, and you are always it, you are always expressing it, no matter your anger or depression, because anger and depression are love too. All emotions and all things are a part of the love of everything.

You were born into a fixed life. A fixed rule that can never go away. You cannot escape what is here for you. You need not to. You cannot. Words cannot describe how you cannot. There is one truth, and that one truth is whole and here right now. No need to worry if you are right or correct or loved. You are all of those things. No matter where you are or what you do, you are the love of this whole universe. You are the sun that rises and the moon that glows. You make this world go round. You cannot betray yourself. You cannot hate yourself. You know not who you are. Because you are all, you are forever, and that’s the truth.

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