If I Defend, I Am Attacked

You must have been attacked in order to defend yourself. Someone must have said something that bothered you. You must have taken it personally. It must have made you feel like your self worth was in question. You must have defended yourself to ensure that no one could take away your perception of who you are.

We defend ourselves because we take it personally. We feel that someone can’t get away with what they said to us. You’re not the one who’s dumb, its they who are. What they are saying is totally wrong, totally backwards.

Yet it is only our mind that sees things this way. We choose to see attack. Our insecurities give us energy to defend ideas that make us who we are. Our perception of ourself is so fragile that anything that challenges it becomes a threat. We’re not mad at someone for what they said, we’re worried that our self worth is false.

Instead of jumping to a position of defense and attack, let us see things more besides ourselves. Let us listen to criticism with a loving ear. Rather than defend what we did, we must accept the feedback we are getting. It cannot come from a place of hate from them because it is up to you what quality of communication you interpret. You have the power to interpret everything. You must decide that whatever comes from whoever must be taken with a grain of salt. With no baggage attached. You must take in the world as if it were all trying to give you something that you want because it is. Things that feel good or bad are only signposts as to the direction you should go. They do not question your self worth. You are the one life. This cannot be forgotten or denied. You have no insecurities as such. Feelings and events are here for us to read and act upon. Let us listen and learn. Learn from what feels good and bad. You must feel your emotions and remember why they are there. Let them guide you. Not as you the person, but as you the creator. As you the listener. As you the source of both sides.

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