All Snowflakes Look the Same From Far Away

All stars do too. The planets. The trees. The dirt. All of it blends as one and can be differentiated always. It is only a matter of scale.

Yet light looks the same from everywhere. There is no place that light can look any different than how it does now. That’s because we see light as it reflects off of something. It is a single being that reveals infinite variation. We see it but never for itself.

That is why you are the light. You are what cannot be changed. You are the source of what is same and reflected as different. You affect everything around you because you are it’s source.

Snowflakes all look the same from far away. When we zoom in on them, we see that they all have different patters. Then we see what makes up the structure and again see that they all look the same, until we again take a closer look.

If every part of you is different than something else then it must be that you are a part of everything. Separation exists when we look closer but so does sameness.

The answer of what to do is simple. Accept that we are all the same and all different. Accept that someone’s views are different, but know that they have the same life as you. Accept that some action is unacceptable, just as some of yours are. Treat others how you want to be treated. Not the way some sage or guru thinks you should treat them, but exactly as you would. Then you will see that not only are you a snowflake, but water itself.

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