You’re Wrong and So Are You

Why should someone agree with you? How could it be that your life and what you know is the final word of what is right and wrong? Why should you feel so mad when someone says something you don’t agree with? How is it that you can call them stupid, uneducated, not worthy?

It is easy to see that opinions differ. It’s easy to know that every person has lived their own life, seen their own things, felt their own emotions. You have the responsibility to hear them as such. The alternative is hate. It is living and preaching hate in the name of you who is “right”. You are so correct that you have forgotten your life is so small, that your experience is so narrow.

The only stupidity of opinion is the one that says they cannot listen to the other side. It’s the one who is disgusted with their enemy. They fear what they do not know. They hate what they do not know. There can be no reconciliation without understanding, without communication. Any effort otherwise is not for freedom, it’s not for what is right, it’s for what is easy, dogmatic, mob minded, and stupid. This kind of mentality has never won freedom. It has never grown love.

Wars cannot be fought with blind hate for our enemy. They can only be fought with an understanding of where they are coming from. We absolutely need not agree, but we absolutely cannot win unless we do. Poor ideas must be crushed and attack based on ignorance is a poor idea. We must be unafraid of facing our demon. We must not cower behind the masses and media and group so that we can throw stones from a glass house. We must have more respect for ourselves. We can face the other side. We can do it by ourselves. We can talk. We can fight. We can win. Not when we’re afraid, but when we understand.

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