My Mind Holds Only What I Think

You cannot hold two thoughts at once. What happens when you replace one thought with another? Is the one you left behind still there? What is a thought anyway? A word? A sentence? A visualization? What if you only held a single thought always? What would that be like?

You do only have a single thought. That is god. The thought you have moves you without you asking. It takes you places even when your mind is saying words contrary.

The words you think aren’t thoughts. You don’t ask them to come to you. You do not compel yourself to think, you think automatically. You are the single thought that is held in the one mind.

Thoughts are not yours, they are everyone’s. There is no other thought than the one that is held in your mind. How could it be otherwise? How can a single being be divided? How can the one life be anything but one?

You prove it yourself again and again. You see how your thought is reflected in the world around you. You see your emotion reflected in others. You see how your change in emotion changes them. You can now recognize your effect, and release your mind from any thought that you do not wish to share any more. If you hold the one thought then there is no need for it. You need only to be open as the one thought thinks for you because it is you. Your mind hold only what you think. The one mind holds only your one thought.

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