Fight and Get Over it

We live to share our ideas. We live because we are different. If we were the same, there would be no reason for us and the variety of the universe. There could be no universe at all.

It is only because we are different that we are powerful. We each experience life so that when we come together, we can teach and learn from one another.

We are passionate creatures. We want so bad to live life to its fullest. We want more than anything to be a positive force in our world. We can only do what we do based on what we know. We can only do as much as we can. Sometimes others challenge the way we live and the way we think. They say that who we are and what we do are not good enough. They say that what we are saying is wrong. That what we believe is not right.

This is hard to hear but it must be listened to. If you are doing your best, so are they. Life is nothing more than this. We must remove ourselves from the negative side of criticism. It is easier said than done. Communication problems are a frequent occurrence. Even when both sides have the best intentions, fighting can break out. When we don’t understand one another we get frustrated. We take a lack of communication personally because we don’t know any better.

Most fights are because of lack of proper communication. We know this to be true. Because it is true, fighting is ok. Emotion is ok. How can they not be present in communication that is imperfect? Where we can help each other is to get over our fighting easily. We can do much good much sooner by forgiving and forgetting. Don’t make fighting such a big deal. It is not. It is mostly trying to find the best words to cause the most emotional damage. It has much less to do with what you are actually trying to talk about. It is not the reality of the situation. So fight all you want, just remember to have fun with it, be present with it, don’t forget that to argue is to love.

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