Truth is not Learned but Recognized

You already know the truth. You always have. Maybe you are skeptical because you think it is too good to be true. That it is too easy. Too simple. Life is supposed to be hard and truths few and far between. But this is not the case. You know the truth and all that it contains.

The truth is simple. It is not a million and one things, it is only one thing. One feeling. One decision. It is how you act in the moment. That is all. So there are not many different decisions to make. There is one to make that will allow you to act correctly with every moment that passes. You need only to recognize that what you feel is right is your truth. You need only to trust yourself and trust what you do.

There is no truth to learn. There is not something you are supposed to think, way you are supposed to act, or feelings you are supposed to feel. You are supposed to be how you are now. And how could you not? Could it really be that this one life, the only life you have ever known or will know, is not correct? Could it really be that you are not good enough right now? What kind of a cruel god could subject you to this? There is no god that is not you and your perfection right now. This is the only truth. Learn about yourself and live to love. It is inevitable that you will. You can try and try to escape but even in your escape will you step towards love’s perfection.

The truth is that wherever you are, the truth is. You can find it in everyone and everything. All you must do is recognize it. Life’s practice will allow you to recognize it more and more. Just your desire for it makes it come to you. Relax, and recognize the perfection that is right now. Let go, and see the truth in every face.

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