You Are With Those Who Matter

You can only experience so much in this life. There are only so many people you will experience it with. Even if you reach thousands, millions, there are only a few that you will care to be with and love forever. There are only a few you are capable of being with and loving forever. You must know that these people in your life and those who enter your life cannot be for naught. They cannot be there for no reason. With so many possible places to go to, with so many situations you could have gotten into, with so little time we have to experience, you must know that what you have now is all you’ll ever need. You were born full. You were born with love. You were born with everything and everyone you will ever need. It is no accident that you are where you are. It is no accident you are with who you are with. If it was, your life would be for forfeit. Your life would mean nothing. Life has given you everything.

Not only were you given the people and the tools to succeed, you were given the people and the tools to thrive to the greatest heights imaginable. You were given perfect love. You were given perfect opportunity. You cannot fail. It has been done. Not only is life good. It it is great. It is greater than you will ever be able to imagine. This we know for sure. If we know only one thing it is that a perfect life does not exist, but perfect love does. And love holds no standards. Love has no face. Love is everything you need it to be because it is what you are. Bad, good, it is no matter. You have everything you need right now to accept that what you have is exactly what you need. You have the power to accept that the people in your life are for your best good. You have the power to see yourself and your family as the perfect partners in this perfect life. Family is what you make it. It is those who you love unconditionally. It is to love yourself unconditionally. It is to accept your role as god and savior. You bring light to this family we call each other, this earth, this universe. And since it starts with you, you are the only one who can do it. Only you can create family, and peace, and heaven on earth. It begins with thought and ends with giving love.

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