Word is Law

Words mean everything and nothing. They are vehicles for meaning. At one moment, they have the power to influence a generation, in another, they are nothing more than a fit of aimless anger. Words allow us to convey meaning like never before. We leap and bound in progress because of them. They also bring mass […]

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Perfect Passivity

What it is is a knowing that it is done. It is an understanding that the life you know you are supposed to have is already here and is taken care of. It is to be comfortable in all places at all times. It is to take negativity with stride and hardships with optimism. Perfect […]

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The World is for You

There is no in between when it comes to life. Life is always helping you. It logically makes sense. When something hurts or goes unexpectedly, you learn from it. Learning is necessary for us. If life only went in a way that was “perfect” there would be no life at all. Any life you can […]

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Total Acceptance

Acceptance means total acceptance. Total acceptance of self is the only kind. Accepting others is not something you do. It is a byproduct of total self love. To accept yourself means to know the worst in you. It means to know that you are capable of all the horrors you can think of. It means […]

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The Truth is Only True

No part of truth can be false. If god is all there is, if love is all there is, then that is the truth. There can be nothing else. You must feel deeply that this is true. You cannot see a world of hate. It does not exist. You cannot see yourself as worthless, you […]

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If I Defend, I Am Attacked

You must have been attacked in order to defend yourself. Someone must have said something that bothered you. You must have taken it personally. It must have made you feel like your self worth was in question. You must have defended yourself to ensure that no one could take away your perception of who you […]

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