The World Will Come to You

Where are you going? Where do you have to get to so fast that you can’t pay attention to where you are? And what will you do once you get there? You will want to go somewhere else again, even though this time, it will only be somewhere closer. You will want to go from one face to the next. You will want to go from the meal that you are eating to he next scheduled activity of the day. You will want to go from one conversation to a place of solitude where you can be away from it.

You think constantly that where you are is not good enough. You think constantly that what you think is not good enough. You are always trying to move away from where you are. This is because you think that your life is ordinary. You think that what is right in front of you is not worth paying attention to because your life on the future will be much more worth it. It will be much more valuable so you must get there now. Yet when you get there, you will think the same thing. Your mind will wander and your body will try to leave.

This is the only time, and the only message you will receive. What you seek is right here, right now. It will never be anywhere else. The only way to find salvation is to find it in everything that you do. You won’t find it otherwise. You can’t. Your life is not ordinary. It is extraordinary. It is the only one you know. So it must be so. You can’t be anywhere else. Even when you think in your mind that you want to leave this place and live somewhere else because the future will be better, it won’t. It won’t because you won’t let it. You will be there and wish for the future again.

The only way to really make the future count is to make the present count. And the present must count because it is the present that makes your future. Don’t be fooled into thinking some events mean more than others. It is not the events that mean anything, but the way that you experience them. The most mundane of things can always bring you the most joy. The situation matters not when you are the creator of what it means.

Pay attention to where you are now. Look and listen for the signs. Remember that they don’t tell you anything except to remind you to feel as god would.

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