Heaven Knows No Hell

You are here, and you are in heaven. You were born into your kingdom. It is you who possesses it. It is not a place you go, or state of mind you must work towards. You bring it wherever you go. You are the heaven you seek.

Hell is everything that is outside of you. It is your comparison to others. It is your wish for things to be different. It is a place you seek. Hell is not a bad place, but it is a place nonetheless. It is everything that is not eternal.

Everything that you can lose you find in hell. Everything that you can gain is found there also. Hell demands that you are not enough. That you are separate. Hell moves you from place to place.

Heaven grounds you. It is everything that is, ever was, and ever will be. Yet it is nothing specific. It is everything. It is complete comfort. It is stillness. It is a knowing of complete peace. It is knowing that you have everything you need, and that you don’t need anything, because you were already given everything, so the having was never a question in the first place.

Heaven is also hell. Hell is heaven. This is true when you see that you need both. That you need every part of you always. Sacrifice is not sacrifice when you do it knowing you have nothing to lose. You cannot lose. Your life is not something you have. It does not belong to you. You created yourself. Death takes nothing away. And if death cannot take away, what do you have?

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