This Place is Yours

Make wherever you go your home. Home is in your mind. What you see does not make a place feel different. Only the way you think about it does.

Only the way you think about yourself does. Is the world your enemy or your friend? Can you befriend the world, or are you afraid of it?

If you fear people, you will have a home nowhere. If you fear life, you will never feel alive.

Life is not scarcity, it is abundance. People don’t want to keep, they want to share. The way the world reacts to you is all up to you. You have the power to instill belief into others. It is your conscious action that gives the world freedom or fear.

There’s nothing to figure out. There’s no place you can go to find comfort. You can only find it right here, right now. You can only bring it with you everywhere that you go. You make every place yours. You touch it and see it and aren’t afraid of it because it is here for you, not against you. The world is yours to love and explore. People are here for you to share and give abundance. Act like it and it will be yours.

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