Just Watch What Happens Next

Miracles knock at the door. Answer. No need to make anything happen. Only to trust your instinct lovingly and watch what happens.

Be an accepting participant of your interactions. Be freedom of curiosity. Freedom of expectations. A learning attitude. An attitude of gratitude. A being that holds everything dear. A hero that is everything we could ever wish for us. Be free for all of us.

It is not fiction. It is fact. It is life. The stories we hear and lessons we learn were not given to us in vein. They were given so that we could be fully equipped to handle this entire life with ease and love. Our gifts were not only given to us, they are life itself. They are all you will ever know. This life is all you will ever know. You must say yes to it. You must accept that it is only yourself that holds you back. Take responsibility for your life and fall in love with your newfound freedom for action. Do the things you want to do now. Just watch what happens.

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