Love is My Heritage

It is your base. It is what you can return to because it is where you are from.

Love is your normal. Its not strange or anything to be embarrassed about. Love is the only thing that’s real. Its the only thing that allows movement in the world.

You are everything that takes no shape. You are the formless. You are simply the idea that things can be created. You are the power to choose abundance. To create with abundance.

Try as you may, you can’t escape your past. You cannot be separate from your heritage. And if this is so, you must know that your heritage is a good one. That it is the only one. Therefore you are the only one. Only you know what is right. Only you can trust yourself.

Don’t be afraid of love. Embrace it. Accept it. There is no effort required. You already know what to do. How to act and why. Love is your heritage. Love is you.

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