I Am Spirit

Say this to yourself: “I am spirit”.

Feel how those words energize you. How they make you feel the significance of your role.

It is you who must choose to allow life to flow through you with love. You are the medium through which the quality of the energy in the universe is created. You are the blank canvas that is painted by the quality of your ideas. Whatever those may be, as spirit, you give yourself the power to act them out.

As spirit, you provide the source, nothing more. You allow events to take place and you accept them for what they are as they happen. There is no fighting your allowance. Only full reception and uninterrupted focus on the gifts you continuously bring into the world. They are all gifts. It is your power to make them so.

You are spirit. You are infinite potential. You are the bringer of light and keeper of this sacred life space. Nothing can change or break you. Nothing you allow into your world can harm you. In fact, it can only help you. Only you are spirit. Only you may decide that this is so.

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