We’re All Weird

It’s an important thing to remember. I feel that a lot of self consciousness has to do with worry about how we are moving our bodies. We want to be able to move in a way that is acceptable for our situation. All of that self consciousness is unnecessary and can be fixed by realizing that we are all different. We all move in different ways. There is no right way to move. There is no certain way that you should move. You must only move in the way that feels natural.

So next time you are somewhere and you are worried about what you should do with your hands or body, remember that everyone is weird. Everyone is thinking the same way you are so it’s ok to move how feels most comfortable to you. By doing so, you free the rest of the world to do the same.

Remember that no one is ever against you. People want to see you succeed. They want you to act in the way you want to act. By doing so, you give them freedom to do the same. We must provide permission for ourselves and for the world to feel love.

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