If You Can, You Must

What a testament to our faith. What a signal of our power. We believe that if we can, we must, because we know that we can achieve. We know that we can achieve our truest desires.

We do because we can. Because we may as well. Because if this is the only life we will ever know, which we know it is, then it must be that this life is a perfect one. We must not get confused with gray areas of love and fear. There is only one or the other in any moment of life. The fear you think you had was never there because now you are in love. And since you are in love now, you have always been in love because time is infinite. Time is only right now. Right now is the only time anything actually happens to you. Even when you think about the past or future, your thoughts are affecting who you are right now. That’s why it’s so important that we accept ourselves for everything. Every action and thought alike. There is no room for guilt. Guilt is time wasted in a place that you will never recover. The only recovery is to leave. It is to leave while knowing that you never left. It is a full acceptance of everything that you thought was bad about yourself or what happens in any situation.

You can believe this is true because you must. You must believe that everything this life has ever told you is a sign for you. It is to prepare you. It is to offer you everything. It is for you to experience in the best way possible. It must be. Because you are what makes up all this. And you love yourself. You must. So this life then must be good. Every pain, struggle, defeat, must be so good for you. If it wasn’t, then life would be pointless, and we know that’s not true. Since you can, do. Make this world yours, see what happens.

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