The World Will Come to You

Where are you going? Where do you have to get to so fast that you can’t pay attention to where you are? And what will you do once you get there? You will want to go somewhere else again, even though this time, it will only be somewhere closer. You will want to go from […]

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Heaven Knows No Hell

You are here, and you are in heaven. You were born into your kingdom. It is you who possesses it. It is not a place you go, or state of mind you must work towards. You bring it wherever you go. You are the heaven you seek. Hell is everything that is outside of you. […]

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This Place is Yours

Make wherever you go your home. Home is in your mind. What you see does not make a place feel different. Only the way you think about it does. Only the way you think about yourself does. Is the world your enemy or your friend? Can you befriend the world, or are you afraid of […]

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Just Watch What Happens Next

Miracles knock at the door. Answer. No need to make anything happen. Only to trust your instinct lovingly and watch what happens. Be an accepting participant of your interactions. Be freedom of curiosity. Freedom of expectations. A learning attitude. An attitude of gratitude. A being that holds everything dear. A hero that is everything we […]

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Love is My Heritage

It is your base. It is what you can return to because it is where you are from. Love is your normal. Its not strange or anything to be embarrassed about. Love is the only thing that’s real. Its the only thing that allows movement in the world. You are everything that takes no shape. […]

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I Am Spirit

Say this to yourself: “I am spirit”. Feel how those words energize you. How they make you feel the significance of your role. It is you who must choose to allow life to flow through you with love. You are the medium through which the quality of the energy in the universe is created. You […]

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We’re All Weird

It’s an important thing to remember. I feel that a lot of self consciousness has to do with worry about how we are moving our bodies. We want to be able to move in a way that is acceptable for our situation. All of that self consciousness is unnecessary and can be fixed by realizing […]

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If You Can, You Must

What a testament to our faith. What a signal of our power. We believe that if we can, we must, because we know that we can achieve. We know that we can achieve our truest desires. We do because we can. Because we may as well. Because if this is the only life we will […]

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