You’re Home

Home is not a place, it’s a feeling. It’s a feeling that you bring with you everywhere. You bring it with you because it’s more than just a feeling, it’s who you are and are supposed to be.

You can move freely through any space. You can touch and pick up the objects around you. You can ask questions to the keepers of the space. You can play games and be silly in their house. You can act like they do.

They want you to. Everyone does. Everyone wants you to act like you are a perfect part of your world. They want to see you in love with yourself and where you are. They want it so bad because it is the only way that they too can express love freely. They won’t be home unless you are. You can make someone feel not at home in their own home. You can just as easily make everyone feel at home in a strange place.

This entire universe is your home. You can act like it. You can act like you are in love with yourself and your surroundings. Everyone will understand. That’s the thing about acting in love. Everyone understands you. There is no barrier to communication. There is only complete understanding.

Don’t be afraid of people. You can connect freely with every single person you encounter. They are not different than you. They talk about the same things. They have the same fights. They worry the same thoughts. They too are a best friend, a brother, a mother, a human.

You will gain access to so many places simply by feeling at ease. You don’t have to talk or do much. All you must do is be ok with being comfortable. Be like you would as if you are a friend to others. Right now, you act skeptical, as if you may be an enemy. This is not necessary. Curiosity, questions, conversation, and listening will connect you effectively to any person you meet. It will grow the world’s love exponentially for every minute you spend at home. You bring your house with you. You are Light Bringer. You are home.

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