Love Feeling Heated

Can you do that? Can you be emotionally far out and angry and hurt and still be in peace? What if you determined beforehand that it was ok to? That when a time comes that you are passionate and arguing and being loud that you would laugh about it? That before your spark of energy was to be unleashed, you remembered that you can take any words, accusations, and misgivings that are put on you while smiling in their face?

This is you. This is your reality. It is you who is unaffected by insult. It is you who understands that words have the power to mean everything or nothing. It is not up to the words or the person saying them. It is up to you. Only you decide how things make you feel. Not only can you decide how things make you feel right now, but you can decide how things are going to make you feel in the future. You can practice your reactions. You can meditate on your action.

Please, take a moment to remember the mean words someone has just said about you. Remember how they feel inside your chest, right at the level of your heart. Now imagine a type of person who listens to insult gladly. That kind of person who is being berated yet looks as if they were watching an amusing scene of a movie. Since you imagined, you are that person. You are you. No one in this world gets to decide how you feel. Don’t fight how you feel. Don’t fight anything you experience. Only remember your power. Remember your oh so sweet ability to allow another’s frustration to rain down upon you like sweet summer. Be a force for absorption. Be a smiling peace that pervades your conversation. Use your energy. Talk loud, make yourself heard, always in love. Always with a slight, maybe hidden smile. This is your power. To lead and provoke and create and destroy. You must do all things. Do them with love in your heart. A love that says you can take any words, any emotion, any question. A love for aggressor and victim all the same. In love they are the same. In love, you are both.

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