Listening Is Enough

Life is always a two way street. Love goes both in and out. Listening is not just an action, it is a quality of being. Listening is not just a favor to someone. It is to get the most out of life. It is to experience the fullest extent of communication.

Listening is the easiest thing in the world. You only must get out of your own way. Stop thinking about yourself and what you’re going to or what you’re going to say or what your opinion is about what was said. Those thoughts don’t tell you anything. Those judgements don’t get you anywhere. They only hold you in the same place. They keep you thinking about information and opinions that you already know. Information and opinions that in your time of conversation serve no one.

The only way to serve is to listen. It is to conversate with an intention of learning. It is to be present so that you can absorb more about yourself. That is the whole point of this life, to learn about ourselves. Our lessons are in every single part of everything we experience. The only thing we miss are the keys to understanding. The more we listen, the more keys we find and understandings we unlock.

You must feel strong. Know that life revolves around you. If not you, then who? Who is to take responsibility for your life? Who is to blame? Who is to be rewarded? How could you not be worthy of praise? How could you wish not to be corrected? To learn the ultimate lesson again and again in peace?

Listening is easy when things don’t exist. When you have only love on your mind. Yes have opinions, yes judge everyone and everything. It’s ok, but you must listen with love. You must let those opinions and judgements come and go as you listen. Use them later, but not now. For now just listening his enough.

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